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The Retirement Income Opportunity has arrived

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, it’s no big surprise to you that I’m very passionate about the subject of retirement income.  Honestly, I think this is one of the biggest boondoggles for financial advisors, investment companies and life insurance companies. None of them have been prepared for the growing demand that is […]


Indexed Universal Life: Market Neutral?

The other day I was part of a conversation with another agent about Indexed Universal Life.  The conversation was more of a challenge to my position that, like whole life insurance and current assumption universal life insurance, indexed universal life also deserved just as much credit for being market neutral and falling into the alternative investment […]


Why a fixed index annuity is still a great deal

Many consumers and most agents assume that because interest rates are at an all time low and thus cap rates are at an all time low, the fixed index annuity is no longer a viable alternative to other investments such as CDs and the stock market.  However, this is an extremely narrow point of view […]


Buying Life Insurance Part Two: Underwriting

Life Insurance underwriting can be a somewhat cryptic topic.  Today, we’ll talk about what the is needed for underwriting, and how decisions get made.  Most of this discussion will focus on what a client will face when it comes to underwriting, both financial and medical (medical being the much bigger and more labor intensive part to […]


Buying Life Insurance: Part 1 “Quoting” and Application

So every once in a while (much more frequently than we’d like) an a-ha moment comes along at the Insurance Pro Blog where we sit and think “why did it takes us this long to think about doing that,” and a handy guide on buying life insurance happens to be just one of those a-ha moments. […]


Aviva Life For Sale?

There has been some speculation for a little while the Aviva Life would sell it’s U.S. life insurance business and stories are starting to ramp up.  Aviva, one of Britain’s largest life insurers, has been a major player in the indexed insurance market for a little while now.  They are a well known indexed and indexed […]


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