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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

It’s September, well almost anyway, so you know what that means? Yep, it’s life insurance awareness month again. We know that today is technically August 31st for all you obsessed with details, but we’re assuming that most of us will be enjoying the last hoorah of summer this weekend–which means we probably won’t be thinking about […]


Bill Gross: Stocks are Dead?

Bill Gross of PIMCO, the authority on bonds (or so they say) announced earlier this month that the days of investing in equities for the long run (you know the sales slogan of Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Edward Jones, and company) is over. Now, does it surprise us that the head of the the largest […]


A Business Owner’s Best Friend. The Buy Sell Agreement

If you own a business or a part of a business of any kind, you need to know about how a buy sell agreement works and even further than that, you’d better make sure it’s funded correctly (not from the corporate checkbook). Now, you could roll the dice, ignore the whole issue and just go into business […]


The Business Insurance Zone Day 5: Life Insurance Loans

Life Insurance Loans are the one thing just about every agent who has cash value life insurance in their quiver can tell you about. And why? Because they’re TAX FREE! But wait, there’s more… Unfortunately, however, we’re not about to tell you about what you get if you call within the next 15 minutes. No, […]


The Business Insurance Zone Day 4: Income Scenarios Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life has become a star of the cash value life insurance world, but oddly this relatively simplistic product has been the center of a little confusion–unfortunately in large part on the behalf of the agents that sell them.


Life Insurance Awareness Comes 10 Days Early

It’s August, time to think about Life Insurance? That likely isn’t an intuitive statement, but those of us in the know  understand that September happens to be an awareness month marked by the acronym LIAM or Life Insurance Awareness Month. Usually, we save the brouhaha for September 1st (and for those of us who don’t […]


The Business Insurance Zone Day 3: Whole Life Dividends

Whole life dividends are a commonly misunderstood topic.  This is due in large part to the sometimes intentional convoluted nature of whole life insurance.  That’s not an attempt to knock it down.  Whole life insurance is certain a powerful and worthy insurance contract for your financial needs, and as an asset it certainly complements portfolios as […]


The Business Insurance Zone Day 2: Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

Guaranteed Universal Life has been a star life insurance product for a number of years. It became the number one answer to permanent death benefit for the lowest possible premium.


The Insurance Pro Blog Get’s in the Zone

All this week I’ll be appearing on The Business Insurance Zone with Steve Savant.  Steve and I will be discussing competition aspects of the industry, including the foolish things agents, IMO’s, and carriers do to pretty-up their product illustrations at the detriment of clients.  This is a topic the Insurance Pro Blog has focused on in the […]


Universal Life Insurance is NOT the Cheap Alternative to Whole Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance rolled out to a lot of excitement and confusion.  Originally released in the late 70’s, this products was incredibly innovative for it’s day.  A premium that could be adjusted (at will) up and down and the ability to surrender cash values without taking a policy loan to get them.  Sounds like standard operating […]


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