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Flexible Choice Whole Life: Penn Mutual Whole Life Insurance

Located some 20 or so miles north of Philadelphia, in the little town of Horsham, PA, is one of America’s oldest life insurers, Penn Mutual Life.  This 165 year old life insurance company from the land of Ben Franklin, Crayola Crayons, and Hershy’s Chocolate manufactures a somewhat odd little whole life contract.  And today, that odd […]


Dead Peasant Insurance–The Employer Owned Life Insurance Problem Solved with a Napkin

To follow up Brandon’s post from yesterday regarding employer owned life insurance (EOLI) and so called Dead Peasant Insurance as it’s been described in the media, I thought I’d share a piece recently written over at Forbes. We think this sort of reporting is pretty typical of the insider media mantra, “if it bleeds it leads”. […]


Happy Birthday Insurance Pro Blog!

So this will be extremely self lauding, but today marks the 1 year anniversary of the Insurance Pro Blog!


Employer Owned Life Insurance, It Might Not Be Quite What You Think

Employer Owned Life Insurance is a funny topic.  Funny in the way religion divides the masses and causes all kinds of fun (and not very amicable) discussion.  And, a lot like religion, there’s a fair deal of mis-interpretation that leads to further distrust and hatred (ok no more religion on the Insurance Pro Blog, ever). […]


Special Announcement: American General Out of Long Term Care Insurance Market

American General Life a subsidiary of American International Group (aka AIG) announced it will stop accepting applications for new business on it’s Long Term Care Insurance product on August 1st 2012.


The Goodman Triangle–The Unholy Trinity of Life Insurance Tax Traps

There’s a funny sounding phrase in the life insurance world that relates to a lethal tax trap called the “Goodman Triangle”.  Sounds deadly doesn’t it? Well, it actually refers to a court case Goodman v. Commissioner that dates back to 1946 believe it or not.  And it is the “unholy trinity” of life insurance planning.


It’s Your Money Use it when You Need it: Do Structured Payment Products Belong in Your Portfolio?

You’ve probably seen the JG Wentworth commercials offering to buy your structured payment arrangement for cash, but have you ever wondered what happens with that stuff?  Better yet, have you ever wondered if you could get in on the action of buying someone’s structured payment out for cash and earning their income stream?  If this has […]


Special Announcement: Jackson National Life to Exit the U.S. Life Insurance Market

We have received unconfirmed reports that Jackson National Life the American appendage of Prudential PLC (the UK company, not the NJ company known as the Rock)  will exit the United Stated Life Insurance market.  Word on the street is they will stop accepting applications for new business come August 1st of this year.  No official […]


Numerical Illiteracy, it’s Worse than You Thought

  Today the most fascinating experiment on the human condition took place on (of all places) Facebook.  When I took my somewhat usual stroll into check Facebook this morning I happened upon a post with a very simply math equation: 9-5+5*0+3=?


The Financial Planners are Turning to Alternative Investments and Life Insurance is on their List

We’ve been hammering the alternative investments point pretty hard lately, and this is because the financial services industry is abuzz about what to do with its tarnished image for cuddling up with the main stream stock market for so long and and now being accountable for it’s general lack of reliability to the average investor. So, […]


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