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What is an Annuity?

When it comes to financial planning and insurance products the annuity is traditionally regarded as the product that disperses or liquidates a sum of money.  Long known for their reputation as the safe product used for creating guaranteed income streams. Annuities have evolved as much (if not more) than life insurance contracts over the past 100 […]


An Introduction to Estate Planning

Estate planning is a subject that traditionally incites images of stuffy topics that require obtuse attorneys who spend all of their time fascinating over abysmal tax implications.  While this assumption about the topic isn’t unwarranted, it’s a tad incomplete.  Estate planning is a subject that will infiltrate everyone’s life and how you choose to address […]


What’s The Problem With My Pension?

For the past few decades, a big part of the American Dream was to go to college, get a great job with a big company, work there for forty years and then spend your days cruising around in your golf cart in some place like Boca Raton, Scottsdale or Palm Desert. Of course this whole […]


Two New Sections Coming Soon to the Insurance Pro Blog

The Insurance Pro Blog is excited to announce that over the course of the next week or two we’ll be rolling out two new sections (post categories) that will be main topics we’ll be tackling through the Summer.  These two new topics are: Retirement Income Planning Estate Planning To give you a preview of what […]


Compound Annual Growth Rate vs. Average Annual Return–Wall Street’s Greatest Sleight of Hand

I’ll be honest with you—writing this post makes me feel a bit like Jack Nicholson’s character in the movie “A Few Good Men”. Remember when Nicholson is being questioned by Tom Cruise in the most memorable scene from the movie and Cruise is demanding the truth? Nicholson replies, “You can’t handle the truth!” If you’ve […]


7702 Plan: Always a Bad Idea or Simply Misunderstood?

Several years ago (the details as to exactly when are a little hazy), someone somewhere within the insurance industry made a fascinating discovery, which gave way to something referred to as a 7702 plan. What might this fascinating discovery be? A tax loophole? The introduction to a new financial product that would bring salvation to […]


Ohio National Life Term: You Had No Idea a Mutual Could Write Term this Cheap…Did You?

Ohio National Life, the 100 some odd year old life insurance company from Cincinnati known for having a good…well…almost everything. Most of the time, we can segment companies by being rockstars with certain products.  For example, we know Berkshire Life and the Standard for their industry leading and extremely benefit rich disability insurance contracts. We regard […]


Modified Endowment Contract: MEC Should You Be Worried?

Anyone who has looked into cash value life insurance has probably come across the term Modified Endowment Contract (MEC). Those with flexible premium policies may have noticed a portion of their statements that stipulate whether or not the contract is a Modified Endowment Contract. You may have even seen numbers indicating the amount of money […]


Life Insurance Company Ratings–Do They Matter?

The last few years have certainly seen an unprecedented amount of chaos in the global financial markets. And life insurance companies have not been immune to the aftershocks. We all know that in large part, the turmoil was caused by the collapse of the derivatives market. All of the financial unrest has lead to a […]


The Whole Life You Keep? New York Life

If you stroll down Madison Ave on the lower-ish Midtown Manhattan side you’ll come to 51 Madison Ave, the gold-crowned home office of one of the largest and oldest United States Life Insurers, New York Life.  And if you called upon that company to discuss your life insurance needs, you’d no doubt get an ear […]


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