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New Content at the Insurance Pro Blog

With Disability Insurance Awareness Month behind us, the Insurance Pro Blog is ready to roll out a new re-0ccuring content topic we’ve been anxiously putting together for a little while now.  Starting in June we will begin reviewing specific company’s products. You asked for it, and we listened.  From term insurance, to GUL, to Long […]


Why You No Sell More Disability Insurance?

As the month of May comes to an end, we figured we take a second to explore why more agents/brokers don’t focus more of their efforts on discussing disability insurance with their clients? If you’ve been following along for the month, the answer is probably somewhat intuitive, but we’ll dive into it a little deeper, and […]


How Important is Pure Own-Occ Coverage for Your Disability Insurance Policy?

I might kill a sacred cow today as we talk about disability insurance (PS: May is almost over meaning this disability insurance bonanza is soon coming to an end), but going against the grain is just sort of in my nature, and you’ll learn today that I have no friends when it comes to making thoughtful […]


Disability Insurance Is True Mortgage Protection Insurance

When most people in the insurance industry bring up the topic of mortgage protection insurance, they’re simply talking about buying a term life insurance policy to payoff of your mortgage in the untimely event that you die before you were planning to. Yes, indeed there are some us who aren’t fortunate enough to be able […]


Qualified Sick Pay Plans: The Ultimate Disability Insurance Plan for Small Business Owners

No agent, and no insurance company, can declare himself or herself a professional in the disability insurance market if he or she is unfamiliar with Qualified Sick Pay Plans.  For small business owners, this is the ultimate in CYA planning to ensure their earnings don’t go bust, and it’s yet one more way for business owners […]


Mental Nervous Disorders and Disability Insurance

One of the trickiest health conditions to navigate in disability insurance underwriting is a mental nervous disorder.  It used to be the kiss of death for any hopeful proposed insured, and thankfully has gotten much better. Because mental nervous disorders are hard to prove or disprove, and because they tend to come with the territory of […]


Disability Insurance for your Retirement Plan

Contrast all the noise about your 401k with the deafening silence of financial pundits discussing how to protect your retirement plan with disability insurance.  No one can deny that we place a tremendous focus on the accumulation of retirement savings in our country. I think we’ve pretty much all accepted the fact that we have to […]


Disability Insurance Riders

Disability insurance comes with a multitude of different riders to enhance the contract.  Today we’ll dive into what those riders do for you.  Additionally, we’ll also touch on some contract features that may not be riders, but do vary from company to company and are a good thing to keep in the back of your […]


Individual Disability Insurance a Primer

This is where we probably should have started with disability insurance, but being such geniuses we decided to take a long road to grandmas house (i.e. we never thought of it until now).  So, if you’re wondering what disability insurance is all about, how it works, and why you should have it.


Why Pay for Individual Disability Insurance?

One of the most common questions surrounding disability insurance is, “If I have a group disability insurance plan why would I need to buy my own disability insurance outside of my employer sponsored plan?” Well, I’m not suggesting that you always should but I am suggesting it’s something you need to weigh objectively because it’s […]


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