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Large Term Life Insurance Cases

Are you a discerning individual looking for a term life insurance policy?  I don’t mean large $1 million, I mean large at the very least $10 million and more.  Think it’s crazy?  Remember life insurance companies will right 25-30 times earnings for people in their 20’s and 30’s so $400,000 in annual income gains admission to […]


Life Insurance Over 70–be prepared for cognitive impairment testing (memory testing)

Did you know that if you are over 70, and need life insurance, you will be asked to perform cognitive impairment testing? I’m going to clue you in on this relatively new kink in the life insurance underwriting rope.  Bear with me for a bit,  I’ll give you some background on a real life example. […]


Met Life and the Death Master Data File: Snoopy Made a $500 Million Oopsie

Recent news came out this week that Met Life (Metropolitan Life, for those not into the whole brevity thing) will pay about $500 million in a settlement over the whole Death Master File incident.  What does this mean?  Why are they being fined/sued?  Should you stay away from Met Life as a result?  We’re going […]


Can Cash Value Life Insurance be a Substantial Retirement Vehicle?

Following up on the Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset Class post, I wanted to spend some time talking about how Cash Value Life Insurance  get’s used for retirement and wealth accumulation. Believe it or not, there’s not a lot oversight when it comes to the financial services industry when it comes to what […]


Version 2.0: The Insurance Pro Blog Goes Pro

The Insurance Pro Blog is back up!  It took a lot longer than expected, but we came back with a face-lift and a new friend.  Welcome to the latest iteration of the Insurance Pro Blog.  We’ve dramatically improved our layout to ring in our expansion as the web’s premier resource for personal finance insurance related […]


How Come People aren’t Laying Dead in the Streets? Retirement for the Baby Boomers

If you’ve spent any time reading the financial press you’ll likely notice that Americans are chronic under-savers and this spells bad news for retirement.  In fact, it turns out we’re so bad we recently reviewed a lot of the ideals Alan Greenspan championed and it turns out he might not have been exactly right (or […]


Whole Life Insurance Distributions, the “Whole” Story

Life insurance agents love to fight over meaningless figures in an attempt to inflate the importance or attractiveness of their products.  Truth is, current facts and figures aren’t going to matter all that much.  I’ve mentioned before that design is super crucial, and I’ve also hinted at the notion that there are core attributes that […]


The Term Life Insurance Quoting Game

This one is intended for the consumers out there.  Ever tried to compare term insurance rates across an array of different carriers?  Ever wondered why some are consistently so low while others are incredibly more expensive?  Ever talk to an agent who seems to throw a bunch of numbers at you without a lot of […]


Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset Class

I’ve been meaning to do a piece on Cash Value Life Insurance as an Asset Class.  And this discussion will stem several additional posts to address how placing cash value life insurance in your personal portfolio can significantly improve your financial situation, by leaving numerous options on the table that most people forfeit because they […]


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