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The Answer

The answer to yesterday’s question.  It’s roughly where the DJIA would need to be today in order to have achieved an 8% annual growth rate from its peak in May of 2008 (just a little over 13,000).  I bring this up as there was a lot of excitement over the Dow’s breaking into and closing […]



Do you know what this number represents?  Hint it has something to do with this number: 13,005.12.  If none of this makes sense, that’s ok.  I’ll elaborate more tomorrow.  For now, just understand that while we’ve approached this topic before, it’s always a good idea to keep things in perspective. See you all tomorrow!


College Funding Part II

So last time we covered that cash value life insurance is a great vehicle for your college funding plans because it yields favorably and is extremely reliable.  On top of that, it’s also rarely included in financial aid eligibility calculations and can be used for anything and have a tax free distribution, not just so […]


College Planning: How to get Financial Advisers to Fumble over themselves

For parents, proactive-forward-thinking students, and perhaps even newer financial professionals who want to tackle the topic of college planning, you may have noticed that this is a subject that the the retail financial services industry seems to be very contradictory about.  On the one hand they champion a tempered risk exposure, and on the other […]


Wealth Building Opportunity

While most financial advice is heavily focused on maximizing return while minimizing fees (and this perhaps is one of the reasons so many people fail long term in their financial plan) I’m going to take time today to introduce a concept that is by no means new, but one of those golden little nuggets that […]


How to Pick a Good Insurance Agent

Recently I got a little upset over a post made by another blogger who positions himself as a financial guru for a specific audience, and my issue with a particular piece he did was based on some serious flaws concerning his framing of the issue. …but there’s some gold that I think comes from people […]


How Policy Blending Works and Why You Want to Know about It

People know that I’m generally a pretty big fan of policy blending.  It’s essentially a process of combining term insurance with a whole life policy to increase the MEC limit on a whole life contract so that more paid-up additions can flow into the policy.  This means more of your outlay goes towards PUA’s which […]


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