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Single Premium Whole Life Insurance, a Really Safe Place to Store Cash

I’m not going to commit personal finance heresy when I say that as we get older safety of principal becomes way more important than rate of return (personally I believe it’s a lot more important even for the younger crowd than a lot of people would have you believe, but that’s a fight for another […]


Amateurs…Why I Love to Hate Them

Note: This one took some time and I’m a few days past my normal schedule. It seemed necessary. So I’ve known about this guy who is apparently an emergency room physician who got burned some years ago by an NML agent who did what a lot of career agents do (promise someone the sun, the […]


I Like It

I came a cross this today and thought it was a nice piece done on the subject.  Though I don’t personally think LBS is all that and a bag of chips like Guardian career agents (who have exclusive proprietary access to it) do.  The bigger message is certainly spot on.  As a fellow colleague of […]


The Methodology Behind “Average” Rate of Return

When someone quotes the rate of return on a specific investment or quotes average returns on an index to support a theory behind achieving similar results in their investment, do you actually know what exactly they are talking about?  Further more, what is the probability that you will in fact end up with what everyone […]


Looking for some Good Ideas for your Emergency Fund? Part 3 Reasons 6, 7, and 8

Here we are, the conclusive post to the Emergency Fund trilogy (sounds special).  Again, if you’d like a refresher on all 8 reasons from the original post they are: Increased rate of return Tax deferral Potentially tax free withdrawal Death benefit Private and non-probate asset Fewer fees (in most cases) Recaptured opportunity Systematic savings


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