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Looking for some Good Ideas for your Emergency Fund: Part 2 Reasons 1-5

So last time we dove into general design, and this time around we’ll be addressing why this is such a great idea.  I left off the last post with 8 reasons for using cash value life insurance as a spot to store emergency fund cash.  If you forgot here they are: Increased rate of return […]


Looking for some Good Ideas for your Emergency Fund? Part 1: Cash Value Life Insurance?

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, which just wound down for the most part (hurray I can drive by major commercial locations again!), I figured I’d make today’s piece a sort of “holiday gift ideas with cash value life insurance that kick ass” type post.  For years I’ve been advocating what I’m about to […]


An Oldie, but Goodie

I remember quite vividly the first time I saw this video.  I was still a career agent with one of the big 4 Mutuals and we had a special meeting conducted by the Director of Individual Life Sales.  He came from the Home Office to give us a presentation on the topic of life insurance […]


Should I Cash-In my Life Insurance (How CNN Got it Wrong and Why you should Care)?

Recently I cam across an article on the CNN Money Help Board posted from someone who was looking for some advice on deciding what to do with two life insurance policies he and his wife had.  The central sticking point for the individual was that the kids were gone and now he was trying to […]


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