029 Why Did Dylan Live Alone


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The 29th episode of the Financial Procast is our College Planning Extravaganza!

Since Brandon decided to take a mulligan this week and do a little Spring Break down in Florida, we recorded a special episode a week in advance.  For awhile, we’ve been getting people who reach out to us who’ve been contacted by other financial services professionals who market themselves as experts in college planning.

Just a few weeks back, I wrote a piece on the College Planning Scam and how it is marketed to legions of parents every year.  Today, we dive into the problems associated with this “industry”, the marketing shenanigans at work in the market, and why the math doesn’t always add up!

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  1. jim Tobin says:

    You guys are absolutely right about both the over the top advertising copy and shadiness of agents selling ill fitting products that have little effect.
    However, there is a value to the knowledge of how the systm works and using that knowledge as a “hook” to speak with people is not wrong as long as you are not blindly pushing product.
    Understanding that the self employed have a big advantage when manipulating the EFC is something people don’t know generally. Understanding that Aid for public universities is generally in loan form wheras for private colleges it is generally in grant form (from the college) is something people don’t know. Using this knowledge to speak with people about their finances including LI is not a scam. Charging people for the readily available knowledge is….

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